What makes David Price so invaluable for Boston Red Sox!

David Price is a baseball pitcher who plays for Boston Red Sox. Price. He   made his debut in Sept 2008 for Tampa Bay Rays. He played for Detroit Tigers and Toronto Blue Jays. Through 2008 playoffs, Price pitched out of bullpen in the course of the Rays’ run. Just a few weeks after his debut, he got noticed for an outstanding save in Game 7. He helped his club reach the first World Series.

Eventually Price turned to be a full time pitcher from 2009. In the second season, Price was named the American League starter. He came at the second place in the voting round. After a tight competition, he got the first Cy Young Award in the year of 2012.

During the season of 2014, Rays traded Price. For the season Price played for the Tigers. In the year 2015, Tigers fell out. Price was again traded to Blue Jays. Blue Jays won their division and took a step forward to ALCS.

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In the next season, Red Sox offered Price a contract of $217 million for seven years.  David Price is now the highest paid pitcher ever.


Early Life

Price was born on 26th August 1985 in Tennessee. He has two brothers. In his early childhood he started playing baseball. As a teenager he attended Copperstown Dreams Park. He played as a standout for the4 baseball team of Blackman High School. He also played for the basketball team of the school. In his entire high school career he has consolidated an impressive number of run average and strikeouts.

He played in High School All American Game in the year of 2004.



Though Los Angeles Dodgers selected Price for the 19th round, he refused to sign. Instead of playing for LA Dodgers, he went to Vanderbilt University. Here he had an academic scholarship. Here he pitched for the baseball team.

In 2005 which was Price’s freshman season, Price was rewarded as the Freshman All American. That year he played outstanding in 19 games. Even though his baseball career was remarkable, the college workload frustrated him. This almost drove him to quit baseball. However, his coach talked him out of the decision.

In the year of 2006, Price set a school single record. Eventually, he recorded more than 10 strikeouts. Also, he performed a 17 strikeout in a single game against Arkansas.

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David Price photo

That year he became one of the five finalists for Golden Spikes Award. In addition, he also became one of the semifinalists for Roger Clemens Award.

In the year 2005, Price played for United States National Team. In 2006, Price contributed in United States’ gold medal victory.

In the year of 2007, he signed his first contract. This is a six year contract which is worth $11.25 million. Once the contract got approved Price joined Devil Rays. The amount of Price’s bonus money was reportedly the largest in history. In addition, his signing bonus was the second largest. He made the major league debut in 2008. The next year, he got his first major league win. In the year of 2010, he became the first American pitcher to get 10 wins.

In 2014, Price managed to get 5 consecutive starts along with at least 10 strikeouts. He is the eighth pitcher in the history to do so.

Girlfriend –  Tiffany Nicole Smith

david price girlfriend tiffany nicole smith

David and Tiffany Nicole Smith have been dating for years and she has been a solid source of support for her boyfriend who is two years younger to her.


David Price – Salary and Net Worth

He earns an average salary of $32 million. His base salary is $30 million.  His net worth is $220 million.

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