Sheena Parveen – The Lady for All Seasons!

Sheena Parveen is an American meteorologist currently working as the weather reporter and forecaster at NBC10 News. She hosts the weather reporting at 1100 and 1700 hours.

Early Life and Career

Sheena was born in September 1987 to Mark and Sherry in India. Her parents moved to Florida, America and she subsequently grew up along Florida’s Gulf coast. After graduating from school, Parveen enrolled at Florida State University and studied meteorology. She eventually graduated with a minor in mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

After college, Sheena worked as an intern at Tallahassee News one of the biggest TVB markets in the US. She then joined WCTV located in Tallahassee, Florida as a journalist, reporter, and weather forecaster. This was her first job. At WCTV, she provided coverage of environment-related news as well as served as a columnist for the weekend morning show.

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In November 2009, she was offered a job by FOX channel affiliate WTVT located in Tampa, Florida. She then began working for them as a weather forecaster and columnist. She got promoted as the head forecaster and presented ‘Good Day Tampa Bay,’ the morning weekend show as the on-air meteorologist. At WTVT, Parveen was also the host of the segment called “Pet Adoption” on the Sunday morning program, wherein she covered varied pet adoption issues in collaboration with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Sheena left WTVT after 2 years and joined the Philadelphia-based NBC10 in 2011 as a weather forecaster and meteorologist. The 5 feet and 2 inches tall beauty has been with the network since then.

Personal Life and Trivia

Sheena is a very private person and there is not much that is known to the public about her private life. However, there are many rumors about her dating TV personalities like Hugh Jackson, Stock Harnett, and William Green; former NBC 10 anchor Jamison Uhler andHollywood actor Jason Statham. But the most commonly cited news in the media is her relationship with Scott Hartnel, the swap captain of NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers and the left winger of Canada’s professional ice hockey team.

sheena parveen boyfriend Scott Hartnell

Parveen was quoted as the new ‘It Girl’ by the Daily News. The Main Line Today magazine named her as the Best TV Weather Person.

Sheena Parveen – Salary and Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million and salary is an estimated $1.7 million annually.

Sheena Parveen – Pictures

One of the most beautiful faces in the world of media and TV reporting, she is known for her cherubic personality and disarming smile.

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Sheena Parvin hot

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