Michael Strahan – The ‘Salary Ride’ from Fox to ABC

Michael Strahan is a former professional American footballer who later turned a media personality. During his career, he played in a defensive position. He played for New York Giants all his life. In 2001, he set the record of acquiring highest number of sacks in just one season. He also won a super bowl in 2007.

He quit NFL and turned into a famous media personality. After quitting NFL, he started working as a football analyst for Fox NFL. He even co-hosted the syndicate morning Television program called ‘Live! With Kelly and Michael’.

Strahan also works as a contributor for ABC’s show ‘Good Morning America’. He has appeared in a short sitcom called ‘Brothers’,  which he produced as well. He hosted a show called Pros vs. Joes with Jay Glazer another football analyst.

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In 2016 April 19th, ABC declared that Strahan was about to leave Fox News for ‘Good Morning America’ on ABC,  where he would work full time.

Michael Strahan Good Morning America

Early Life

On November 21st, 1971, Strahan was born in Texas. His father Louise Strahan was a basketball coach. He is the nephew of a pro footballer called Arthur Strahan. Michael Strahan grew up in a large family. He is the youngest of six children.

The Strahan family moved from Texas and settled in Benjamin Franklin Village in Germany, when Michael was only 9-year-old. When he was in high school, he did not play football. But, he played organized football in his high school days when he went to Manheim American High School in Germany.

Before he started his senior year, his father sent him to his uncle who stayed in Houston, Texas.  Strahan spent the summer  with Arthur, where he discovered his passion for football. Strahan then went to Westbury High School, Texas.  He played football for his high school and immediately   got noticed. He received scholarship from Texas Southern University. Once the season is over, he returned to Germany and finished his graduation.

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College Career

Strahan followed his uncle’s footsteps and pursued football. He also played in defensive position like Arthur. Strahan’s way of playing had been dominating. He was so aggressive that he played double team. This style of playing got recognized as ‘Strahan Rules’.

Strahan had already started to transform himself into one of the most intimidating footballers in history. He set a lot of records in his career which includes 62 tackles and 19 sacks.

He was picked as the 1st team All-Southwestern Athletic, in 1992. Strahan received SWAC’s Player of the Year Award twice in his life.

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Professional Career

In 1993, Strahan got drafted by the NY Giants. The starting of his professional career did not go well for Strahan. He played a few insignificant seasons. However, the initial setback did not hold him back. He got his break in few years. In 1997, he set a record of 14 sacks. The next year he kept up with his success and set a record of 15 sacks.

The talented football also set an astonishing single-season record with NFL for 22.5 sacks in 2001.  He finished with 141.5 quarterback sacks, making him the first one to do so in the history of NFL.

Strahan had pondered over retirement  in mid-2000 but he came back to play for Giants in the 2007 season. He led the club to its first SuperBowl victory in 20 years, defeating Tom Brady and his team New England Patriots.  Following the victory, Strahan announced his retirement from football.

Michael Strahan – Wife and Divorce

Strahan lives in New Jersey. He got married to his first wife Wanda Hutchins in Germany. The couple had a daughter called Tania and a son Michael Strahan Jr. The marriage with Wanda did not last. The couple called it quits.

Later in 1999, he married Jean Muggil. They have twin daughters. However, this marriage did not last either. Michael Strahan’s marriage with Jean broke after a bitter fight. Their divorce had cost Michael Strahan $15 million as alimony money. Also, he had to pay $18000 as child support.

On 2009, Strahan started dating Nicole Mitchell. They even got engaged to each other. However, this relationship too ended because of the busy schedule they both had.


It has been reported that the 1.96 meter tall Strahan is currently dating Kayla Quick. She is an ex club waitress. An age gap of 16 years did not create any wall between the two as they seem head over heels in love with each other. On March 29th 2016, they were spotted on St. Barts beach together.

michael strahan girlfriend kayla quick

Michael Strahan –  Salary and Net Worth

Strahan has a net worth of $55 million. The annual salary of Strahan is $17 million, $10 million of which came from Live! With Kelly and Michael. The rest of the money came from the endorsement deals from top brands.  During his career as a football, he earned $62.5 million.

Strahan’s salary had been $4 million when he first joined Live! With Kelly and Michael. In his career as NFL defender he had earned around $62 million. If the rumors are to be taken seriously, a healthy 8 figure salary is the reason Strahan has accepted the offer of Good Morning America.

michael strahan with kelly ripa

With Kelly Ripa

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