Marjorie Bridges Woods – Know her Better!

Marjorie Harvey, previously known as Marjorie Bridges Woods is a popular American Fashion designer and icon, media and internet personality, socialite, fashion blogger and businesswoman who is best known for her travel and lifestyle blog ‘The Lady Loves Couture’, which is also an online clothing and hand-bag couture shopping website. Harvey uses the blog to talk to her audience about up-coming fashion trends.

Harvey started gaining recognition as a style icon when she started appearing on the red carpet along with her husband Steve Harvey. She is one of the most popular fashion Instagrammers in America and has gained international recognition for her iconic fashion sense. She is labelled as a fashionista by the international media and is a regular on the New York City and Paris, fashion seats. Harvey receives invitations and front-row seats at various national and international fashion shows across the world.

Early Life and Education

Harvey was born as Marjorie Bridges as a citizen of the United States of America on 10 October 1964. She is the daughter of Doris Bridges and her husband and was raised by her parents in the city of her birth. Not much is known about her early life or whether she has an siblings. Harvey is of African-American ethnicity.

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Harvey completed her primary, secondary and high school education from the city of her birth and later attended the University of Memphis in Tennessee. However, she was always interested in an off-beat career which resulted in her not receiving good grades at the University. As such, owing to low attendance and bad report-cards, Harvey had to drop out of University.


Career Rise

Harvey started gaining national attention when she started appearing on the red carpet of several high-profile Hollywood events along with her former boyfriend and current husband Steve Harvey. She started gaining recognition for her impeccable fashion sense and was soon branded as a fashionista by the media. Harvey’s public appearances became the source of encouragement that resulted in the birth of her popular fashion blog titled ‘The Lady Loves Couture’ which was later also made into a lifestyle and couture shopping site, with Harvey turning into a fully-fledged business woman. Harvey launched a clothing and hand-bag line via her blog.

Harvey’s career in fashion started soaring after the popularity of her blog cum couture shopping website started gaining international attention. She became known as one of America’s top-most fashion designers of the current age which resulted in her receiving invitations and front row seats to several national and international fashion shows across the world. She is a regular on the New York City an Paris, France fashion scenes. Harvey rebranded her blog which also addresses topics like travel fashion, skin-care, life-style and food.  Much of Harvey’s popularity is credited to her social media account, Instagram, on which she has amassed more than 1.5 Million followers.

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Personal Life

Harvey has been married thrice. Harvey was first married to Jimmy Townsend, but their marriage collapsed and ended in divorce when Townsend was sentenced with life imprisonment owing to to his criminal past and drug-dealing. She then married Darnell Woods and even took his last name as her legal name, being known as Marjorie Bridges Woods.

Although Harvey dated television personality Steve Harvey several years ago, they were unable to make their “long-distance relationship” work. The couple got reacquainted and soon started dating. They tied the knot in 2007. Although the couple do not have any biological children together, Steve Harvey adopted his wife’s children from her previous marriage and even gave them his name. Harvey is mother to daughters Morgan and Lori and Son Jason Harvey. She is step-mother to twin step-daughters Brandi and Karli and step-sons Wynton and Broderick, Steve Harvey’s children from his own two previous marriages to Marcia Harvey and Mary Shackelford.

Marjorie Bridges Woods – Net Worth

Although Harvey’s individual net worth is not known, along with husband Steve, she has an estimated net worth of $100 Million.

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