Know Nikki Haley Better – UN Ambassador from US

Nikky Haley is a famous American politician and philanthropist. She served as the 116th Governor of South Carolina. She has been active in the office since 2011. She also represented the Lexington County in the South Carolina House of Representatives from the year 2005 till 2011.

Haley was also titled as the youngest governor in the United States at her age of 44. She was also the first woman governor of South Carolina. Following Bobby Jindal, she was the second Indian-American to have served as the governor in the United States.

Haley was re-elected as the Governor of South Carolina in the year 2014 and her term is going to expire on 2019. Recent reports have said that the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump intends to elect Haley as the Ambassadors to United Nations when he is handed over all the powers of the office.

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Early life and education

Nikky Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa on Bamberg, South Carolina to Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa, on January 20,1972. Her parents were immigrants from the Amritsar district in Punjab, India. Their entire family relocated to Canada after Haley’s father procured scholarship from the University of Columbia. They finally moved and settled in South Carolina after her father got a job as a professor in the Voorhees College.

Haley has three siblings, two brothers, Mitti and Charan and a sister Simran. She finished her schooling from Orangeburg Preparatory School and later pursued her bachelor degree studies from Clemson University.



After graduating from Clemson University, Haley joined the FCR Corporation which was a waste management and recycling company. She later resigned from the company to join her mother’s clothing line, Exotica International in the year 1994. The company went on to become a billion dollar business.

Later in 1998, Haley became part of the board of directors in the Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce. Prior to becoming the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners in 2004, she was elected as the treasurer of the organisation.

Haley ran for the House of Representatives in South Carolina in the year 2004. She later won it and was regarded as the first ever Asian-American to hold the office in South Carolina where she represented Lexington County.

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During her tenure as the Governor, she has brought about several changes to the state of South Carolina, the first and the most impressive one being the lowering of the taxes. She also inflicted her ideals in order to make public education better and to use the funds for the same in a more effective way.

Being daughters of immigrant parents, she always has been in favour of immigration laws to be enforced. She later clarified that every single immigration procedure should be legal and the immigrants should always have the legal documents with them.

Haley’s values and ideals regarding abortion are yet other major criteria in her career and her re-election for being the Governor. She doesn’t believe in termination of pregnancy in any forms until it comes down to the well being of the mother.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley participates in a panel discussion during the Republican Governors Association annual conference Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Chase Stevens)

Nikki Haley – Husband and Children

Her husband Michael Haley is an office with the South Carolina Army National Guard. The couple have two kids, daughter Rena and son Nalin



Nikki Haley – Salary and Net Worth

Nikky Haley has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million. As a governor of South Carolina, her salary was around $106, 00. As a United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley may earn a salary of $179,600

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