Know Nicolle Wallace Better

Nicolle Wallace is an American political commentator, analyst and writer. She is a guest host on Morning Joe on MSNBC and participates in debates on NBC’s Today Show.  She is an ex-host for The View, on ABC. She was actively involved in politics, serving as the communications chief for George W. Bush and was later a top-level advisor for McCain-Palin campaign.

 Early life

Nicolle Devenish (She adopted the Wallace name after her marriage to Mark Wallace) was born on February 4, 1972 in Orange County, California. She is the eldest of four children. The family home was in Orinda, California. Her mother was a teacher and her father a dealer in antiques. She is partly of Greek descent while her paternal grandfather immigrated from England in 1947.

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She is a graduate from Miramonte High School and a Bachelor of Arts degree holder specializing in Mass Communications from the University of California in 1994. She also has a Master’s Degree from Medill School of Journalism.


 Wallace’s political career started in California at the state level. She moved to Florida in the year 1999 and serve as the press secretary to Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush. She was then the Communications Director for the Florida State Technology Office in the following year.

She was the Special Assistant to the President (During George W. Bush’s first term as President) and to the Director of Media Affairs as a member of the Staff of the White House. She was part of Mr. Bush’s second election campaign in 2003 later as well being the Communications Director of the campaign.

Her role was upgraded to White House Communications Director in 2005. This was a successful venture as it bore fruit by way of encouraging openness with the press. Her colleague Mark McKinnon has described her as a “rare talent in politics”. In the light of the completion of the tenure of George W. Bush’s Presidency, Nicolle Wallance also served as the Senior Adviser for the McCain / Palin campaign in the year 2008 for the White House.


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Writing and Television

 Nicolle Wallace is the author of a novel set in the White House which reflects a reality where the main characters; The President of the United States , the Chief of Staff and a White House Correspondent are all women. The novel Eighteen Acres was published in the year 2010 , and has received tremendous praise. In September 2011 the sequel to the novel, titled It’s classified, was published.

In September 2014, it was announced that Wallace would host the ABC show The View as a co-host to Rosie Perez. Wallace departed the show by the end of the season in the year 2015.

She makes regular appearances on Morning Joe  as part of the MSNBC program offerings and as well as NBC’s Today Show. She also serves as commentator during live coverage of election results.

Nicole Wallace – Husband

Nicolle Wallace is married to Mark Wallace who was a US Ambassador to the United Nations. Their son Liam was born in 2012.

She publicly supports same sex Marriages and their legal recognition. She was portrayed in the movie Game Change (2012) by Sarah Paulson.

 Nicolle Wallace – Salary and Net Worth

 Her salary is reported to be $700,000 and her net worth is $3 million.


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