Know Maria Franca Fissolo Better – The Richest Person in Italy

Maria Franca Fissolo is an Italian billionaire and the owner of Fererro SpA, the second largest company of confectionaries in continental Europe.  The company is also the third largest chocolate maker and confectionary company in the world.

Fissolo  is the richest person in Italy.  Ferrero SpA is known some of the most world-famous brands like  Nutella, Tic Tac, Kinder Eggs, Mon Cheri, Ferrero Rocher, Rafaello, Kinder Joy and Kinder Chocolates.

Early Life and Background

Maria Franca Fissolo was born on January 1, 1918 in Dogliani, Piedmont, Italy. Not much is known about this lady billionaire. This is because just like her late husband, this ripened, yet influential and prosperous lady prefers to not stay in the limelight.

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Maria Franca Fissolo

Career Achievements

Maria Franca Fissolo is not just the co-owner of Ferrero SpA Company, but the Chief Executive Officer of the said company as well. She is an active industrialist. Her company is one of the few confectionary companies who not only strive for expansion and sustainability of the business empire, but also endeavour for social preservation, and for the betterment of the environment. Through its Palm Oil Charter launched in the year 2013, Maria through her company strives to keep the balance between industrial growth and fight against deforestation, and support the stability between economic benefits and environmental and social conservation.

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Maria Franca Fissolo – Net Worth

Maria Franca Fissolo is an Italian billionaire, who has earned her wealth through her late husband’s company Ferrero SpA.  Forbes estimated that in 2016, her net worth was $22.1 billion dollars, making her the 30th richest person in the world.

Maria Franca Fissolo ‘s net worth surpassed eyewear tycoon Leonardo Del Vecchio and the Lego company owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen in 2016. She is also the fourth richest woman in the world.

Maria Franca Fissolo – Husband and Children

maria franco fissolo husband son

Maria married Michele Fissolo, the son of Pietro Fissolo and the owner of Ferrero SpA Company; in the year 1962. She gave birth to two sons – Giovani and Pietro Junior. Pietro Junior expired in a bicycle training ride accident, in the year 2011 in South Africa. Her husband died on February 14, 1915. Today, she and her son Giovani (who is also a published novelist) run the multi-billion dollar company.  She lives in Monaco, Italy.

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