Know Lauren Simonetti Better!

Lauren Simonetti is an American television reporter currently working at FOX Business Network. She was previously a field producer for FBN before becoming a reporter.


Early Life

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Lauren was born in June 1984 in Manhattan to a homemaker mother and businessman father. She grew up in NYC with her 2 siblings.

After school, Lauren went to George Washington University for an undergraduate degree in English. She finished it Magna cum laude with highest honors. She then enrolled at Columbia University where she studied English in addition to comparative literature. She graduated with an MA degree from the university.

Simonetti wanted to be a journalist and work in the media from a very young age.


  • Simonetti began her career in media as a production assistant at ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’
  • Lauren then began working as a freelancer for CNN and as an associate producer for CNN International. Her additional job responsibilities during her time at CNN included serving as a news writer and as a field reporter and CNN contributor.
  • Lauren also worked as the only business producer for the New York Stock Exchange. She reported on different economic news events, varied investments, and securities, etc. She carried out interviews with varied people such as the New York Stock Exchange’s head, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  • In September 2007, Lauren joined Fox News Channel’s Fox Business Network as a field producer. During this time she also served as a financial reporter and contributor for the show ‘Good Day New York.’ In September 2001, Simonetti was promoted as a general reporter for everything associated with financial matters. As a reporter, Lauren has covered many important economic events such as the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, the Gulf oil spill and its impact, and the financial crisis of 2008, etc.



Personal Life

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  • Lauren married Mark Cubrilo in 2001. Mark works as a field and satellite engineer at Fox News Channel. The couple has no children.
  • The wedding ceremony was at Crystal Plaza, in Livingston, New Jersey. It was a simple and small affair. They had their honeymoon in Zanzibar and Tanzania.
  • The story about the meeting of Lauren and Mark is intriguing. The two of them knew each other as work mates, but never had interactions on a personal level. Mark had arranged a dinner for the staff which included Lauren. All cancelled other than Lauren and the two of them ended up having dinner on their own. After dinner, when they went out, they realized it was Halloween as people were out and about in costumes. They kind of became a couple that Halloween night. After Mark’s brother revealed to Lauren that Mark had a crush on her, the two of them went on a ‘just lunch’ date. The couple eventually fell in love and got married.





  • At 5’1”, Lauren is one of the shortest reporters in media.
  • Simonetti is a member of the New York Financial Writer’s Association.



Lauren Simonetti – Salary and Net Worth

Her salary is reported to be around $350,000 per year. Her net worth is $2 million.

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