Just how much does Jack Black earn?

Jack Black is an American actor, singer, comedian, and producer. He was born on 28 August 1969 in Santa Monica, California. He is a son of some two satellite engineers namely; Judith Love and Thomas William Black. Black is known for portraying characters on screen and as a force behind a rock band or standup routine, Tenacious D, which he describes as “a Smothers Brothers for the Dungeons and Dragons misfits set.”

Early days

Jack Black first attended Poseidon School, which is designed for students who have difficulties with the traditional school system. He then joined Crosswords School and it is during that time when his interest in dram was discovered.

He enrolled with University of California in Los Angeles but soon dropped out to start his career in the entertainment field. Prior to that, when age 13, and sometimes long before he pursued his music career, Black had started acting on TV where he advertised the “Pitfall” game. This was an early kick off in building his career and net worth. His fame was discovered when he first appeared in one of the Tim Robbins’ productions.

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Jack Black – career progress

Black attended his college studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. He excelled well and got a professional start on stage when he appeared in the production of Carnage by Tim Robbins at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1989. Black went ahead to work closely with Robbins throughout his career.

In made his first screen appearance in Bob Roberts, a 1992 satirical mockumentary film that has been directed by Tim Robbins. In 1995, Black appeared on Robbins’ Dead Man Walking. In 1999, he also appeared in Robbins’ Cradle Will Rock. During 1990s, Black spent a lot of time supporting and leading in a variety of films such as Demolition Man released 1993, and The Cable Guy released in 1996 casting Black as best friend of Matthew Broderick’s character.

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The 1.68 meter tall Black also appeared in Jesus’ Son released in 1999. In 2000, Black played one of the most enthusiastically recognizable screen roles you find today in High Fidelity. In 2001, we was a contestant in the program “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” where he won the first price of the $125,000.

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He has also starred in other movies such as the Shallow Hal released in 2001 and Tropic Thunder released in 2008. The School of Rock released in 2003 earned him a nomination of the Best Actor at the Golden Globes. In the popular animated film Kung Fu Panda released in 2008, Black contributed as a voice actor.

Black is a member of “Frat Pack”, a comedy group which has made its appearance on various Hollywood movies. Frat Pack was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Jack Black – Wife and Children

Jack Black wife Tanya Hayden

Jack Black is married to cellist Tanya Haden. They married in March 2006 at Big Sur, California. They have two children.

Jack Black – Net worth and salary

Jack Black net worth is estimated to be $ 20 million as at 2015. He also gets paid through endorsements, ads, and sponsorships. These further add to his net worth. He has an estimated annual income of about $ 2,352,941 with sponsorship and endorsement earning him about $522,876.

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