Hillary Clinton – Know her better!

Hillary Clinton is a lady American politician, first of her kind who has been engaged as the Secretary of the State, The U.S Senator from New York, a lawyer and a law Professor. She is also known as the First lady of United States (by virtue of being the wife of ex-president Bill Clinton) and the First lady of Arkansas. Recently in 2016, Clinton achieved another milestone by becoming the first woman in the history of United States to run for the presidential nominee on behalf of a major political party.

Early life and background

Hillary Clinton was born as Hillary Diane Rodham to Hugh Rodham and Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham on 26th October, 1947. She was raised in Park Ridge along with her two younger brothers Hugh Jr. and Anthony. Her father was an affluent businessman, he had a small house in textile industry. Her mother was a home maker.

After completion of her school, she took admission into Wellesley College for studying political science. During her college time, she took part in various important roles in college movements & earned a name among other junior students. After completion of her high school, she took admission in Yale Law School where by the end of 1971, she came in contact with Bill Clinton who was also a law student at Yale. In 1973, she received a Juries Doctor degree from Yale.

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Career highlights

Starting from secretary of the State to first lady of the United States, wherever she went, she made an impact. She also served as senator from New York and the first lady of Arkansas. She had also practiced as lawyer for the congress committee and at Rose law firm where she became one of its partners. She played a role of law professor and an activist. Hillary had also researched on the education and health of migrant working couples and their children.  After getting married to Bill Clinton, she became the first lady of United States;she helped draft programs for children’s health insurance, foster-care and adoption.

She became the first female senator in 2000.  She voted for ‘war in Afghanistan’ following the 9/11 attacks. She also voted against cut in taxes during 2001 and 2003. She was elected again to the senate in 2006. She was running for President in 2008; she won more delegates than any other woman before her. But finally, she had to make way for Barack Obama who trumped her to become the Democratic Candidate.

Hillary Clinton became the Secretary of State for the Obama Administration from 2009 to 2013. She voted for US military invention in Libya. After Obama’s first term as President of USA, Hillary went on a spree of giving speeches before she announced her second run for US Presidential Elections (2016). After winning the Democratic Primaries, she is now the direct contender against Donald Trump, who is from the Republican’s side.

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 Email Controversy

In the course of the US Presidential campaign in 2016, there were continued reports that Hillary Clinton during her tenure as the Secretary for State had used  her private email server for official communications rather than using the encrypted one of State Department, based on federal servers.  As a result, there were allegations that Hillary Clinton was privy to classified information.  As her rating dipped, rival Donald Trump called her  ‘Crooked Clinton’ and said that she was not the right candidate for fighting presidential elections.

Hillary Clinton – Young Photos

hillary clinton young images

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hillary clinton young photo

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hillary clinton young photos

hillary clinton young pictures

Husband and Children

In 1975, October 11th, Hillary got married to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was fascinated with Hillary, he wanted to surprise her with a small house that he bought before proposing marriage to her. Five years later, in 1980 February 27th, their daughter Chelsea Victoria was born to the couple.

The 5 foot 7-inch-tall Hillary Clinton is quote fond of charity, she along with her daughter Chelsea runs a foundation, named Clinton foundation. Since Hillary Clinton is running for the Presidential campaign, her foundation has come under close scrutiny.

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hillary clinton bill clinton photo

Hillary Clinton – Salary and Net Worth

Her net worth is $32 million. Both her husband Bill Clinton and her were paid close to $153 million in speeches from 2001 to 2016, when she launched her own presidential campaign. As a secretary of state,  Hillary Clinton drew a salary of  $186,000 for four years from 2009 to 2013. Prior to this as a US senator, her salary was an average $150,000 .

Hillary Clinton was paid advances of $8 million for her book ‘Living History’ and $14 million for ‘Hard Choices’. While the first book covered her life as the First Lady of US,  the second book was devoted to her work in Obama Administration.


She and her husband Bill Clinton have two homes. One is an old medieval home in Washington close to the Naval Observatory.  While the original cost of that house was $2.90 million, the property is now worth $5 million. The home dating back to 1951 has seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, a pool, a terrace and a den. The couple also own a house, which they bought in 1999, at Chappaqua in New York. It is a $1.7 million house which has not appreciated much in value. This is also a vintage home dating back to 1899; it is a white-colored farmhouse that sprawls across 11 acres and has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a barn and a pool.

hillary clinton house Chappaqua, New York

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