Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Getting ‘The View’ Right!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a popular American TV personality and chat show host known for programs like The View and Fox & Friends.

Early life and education

Elisabeth Delpadre Filarski was born on May 28 1977 at Cranston in the Rhode Island. She is the only daughter of the Catholic School teacher and lawyer Elizabeth Delpadre and architect Kenneth Filarski. Her brother Kenneth is a well known musician and lawyer.

Hasselbeck studied in St.Mary School in Cranston, followed by St. Mary Academy in Bay View, East Providence. She attended the Boston College; where she became the captain of the women’s softball team during the two sports seasons. During the year 1999, Elisabeth concentrated on large scale paintings and industrial drawings and got her graduation degree. After completing her graduation, she worked for Puma shoes before commencement of her television career.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck photo

During the year 2001, Elisabeth was given a chance be a part of the TV reality show ‘Survivor – The Australian Outback’. In this TV show, she got the fourth place and became a member of the Kucha tribe.

She was also a judge of the Miss Teen USA 2001 pageant and hosted a program called ‘The Look for Less’ from 2002-03 where she helped people find stylish outfits for throwaway prices.

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During the year 2003, Hasselbeck who till then did not consider herself being in front of the camera for a news program was urged to do so by her agent. She finally consented and auditioned for The View in 2003. After being shortlisted among the chosen few, Hasselbeck was chosen as the successor for the outgoing Lisa Ling, who quit the show in 2002.

Hasselback joined Fox News morning show ‘Fox and Friends’ and replaced Gretchen Carlson to become the co-host. The show’s ratings increased significantly and statistics showed that she happened to strike a chord with viewers between the age 25 to 55, which is definitely enviable.

The talented host  stated on November 23, 2015  that she woud leave ‘Fox & Friends’ to concentrate  on her growing kids. She said that she would be taking the new job of the Chief Breakfast Officer  at her house with the kids, because they needed the ‘best of her, not the rest of her’.  Ainsley Earhardt took over as the new ‘Fox and Friends’ co-host.

Husband and children

Elisabeth was married on July 6, 2002 to her boyfriend, dating back to college time, the professional football player Tim Hasselback. In fact, she had met him first when she was captaining for the softball team. From the marriage, they have a daughter Grace Elisabeth born in 2005 and two sons, Isaiah Timothy and Taylor Thomas born in 2007 and 2009, respectively.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Celiac Disease

The celebrity had been battling celiac disease for a long time and wrote a book called ‘The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide’ which turned out to be a best-seller, despite being in the news for being plagiarized. In 2011, she introduced her own line of gluten-free products for kids and adults called NoGii.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Net Worth and Salary

Hasselbeck is one of the highest paid TV news personalities in US, with a salary package of $1 million annually. Her net worth is $12 million and when combined with her husband’s earnings, the two emerge as a power-couple of sorts.

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