Dan Patrick – What makes him Special?

Dan Patrick Hugh is a popular sports journalist who has been on the television and radio scene since 1979. He currently hosts his own eponymous program, The Dan Patrick Show, which is broadcasted across various radio stations. Apart from his journalism career, Dan has made appearances in at least seventeen movies, in various music videos, and   television shows. Sports Night, a satirical sitcom that ran on ABC channel from 1998 to 2000, is inspired by the workplace experiences of Dan Patrick and his colleague, Peter Krause.


Early life and Education

Dan Patrick’s birthplace is in Mason, Ohio. He was born on May 15, 1956 in the family of John Ambrose Pugh and Patricia Miller. He has five siblings.

Dan developed interest in sports at a young age. While studying at William Mason High School, he earned many awards for his sterling skills in basketball. After scoring a personal best of 36 points in at the school, he landed a university scholarship for his good court performance.

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He joined Eastern Kentucky University. Barely two years passed before he transferred to University of Dayton (UD), probably to be closer to his dad who was a member of staff at the latter. At UD, he was inducted into Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.

Mr. Ambrose died in 1981, a few years after Dan completed his journalism degree.



Dan started working when still at the university. He worked for University of Delaware’s WVUD radio before moving to WTUE, his own school’s campus radio.

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In 1983, he moved to CNN where his mainly focused on covering the NBA finals and Winter Olympics. He left CNN in 1989 and started to produce sports correspondences for Bob and Brian, a morning show then popular in the Wisconsin region.

In 1989 while still working part time with other broadcasters, Dan landed a job at ESPN as a SportCenter anchor. Keith Olbermann joined him in the show from 1992 to 1997; the two were dubbed as the most popular ESPN personalities during this time.

Because of his increasing ranking, the broadcaster curved out a new show in the ESPN radio 1999 titled The Dan Patrick Show, in which he became the host. Meanwhile he would continue hosting SportCentre. He quit the TV program in 2006, and a year later, he did the same with the radio show.

Patrick’s departure from ESPN attracted a lot of public interest. Though people said that he had had disagreements with his employer, both denied these claims.

However, even to date, Patrick still criticizes ESPN’s modus operandi, especially the way producers are so strict on what should or should not go on air. He has also bashed various ESPN platforms for plagiarizing his content. This disagreement is also apparent in the fact that when Scot Van Pelt launched his highly liberal show in 2015, Patrick was the first guest.

Apart from his syndicated program, Patrick has also worked for NBC Sports as well as in various NBC special programs.


Personal life

Dan Patrick is married to Susan White, a former CNN producer. They have 3 children.


Dan Patrick – Salary and net worth

Dan Patrick earns $5 million per year and has $26 million net worth.


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