Charlie Rose – The Success Story

Charlie Rose is an American journalist as well as an actor. He has gained much popularity through his own talk program, Charlie Rose, syndicated by PBS. He also co anchors in Person to Person, CBS This Morning, and sometimes serves as a substitute host for CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Rose has earned much recognition for his interaction and questioning skills; he holds one Emmy and two Peabody awards.

Early life and Education

Born on January 5, 1942, Rose grew up in Henderson, North Carolina in the family of Margaret and Charles Peete Rose, Sr. His parents engaged in Tobacco farming and distribution.


In a 2009 interview with Allison van Diggelen, Rose, whose curiosity many people find intriguing, says that his insatiable desire to know everything might have developed in his interactions with customers as a storekeeper. Being the only child, his father expected him to take over the family business, and so began training the son on various aspects of it.

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Earlier- throughout high school and much of his time at Duke University- Rose hoped to become a professional basketball player. Things however changed when he went for internship in the office of B. Everett Jordan, the then chair of the Democratic State Executive Committee in North Carolina; he immediately fell in love with politics.

In 1964, Rose graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from Duke. 4 years later, he received his law degree from the same institution.



After graduation, Rose started out as a legal consultant as well as a part time freelance journalist. During this time, he handled most assignments from the BBC. Later in 1972, WPIX-TV hired him as their reporter. He held this position for a short while before Bill Moyers of PBS whisked him away to work on an editing project.

From 1974, Rose worked as the managing editor of Bill Moyers’ International Report, and later as the executive producer of Bill Moyers Journal. Rose’s interviewing skills came to receive a wider recognition after his highly popularized interview with the 1971-1975 governor of Georgia, Jim Carter, who later became the 39th POTUS.

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Rose would then move to KXAS-TV as a late night show host and program manager. In the mid ‘80s, he became the CBS News Nightwatch anchor. Here, he won an Emmy for his interview with Charles Manson, a 9-life sentence convict.

In 1990, Rose worked for a short time in Fox TV as the anchor of Personalities before quitting a couple of weeks into it, citing dissatisfactions with the program’s shallow content. He later launched his own show, Charlie Rose, giving its broadcasting rights to PBS. He also worked for 60 Minutes II, and at 60 Minutes after the cancellation of the former.

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In 2011, Rose joined Norah O’Donnel and Gayle King on CBS This Morning. Since then, he has interviewed various newsmakers, including presidents Barrack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Bashar Al-Assad.


Charlie Rose – wife

Charlie Rose was married to Mary Rose between 1968 and 1980. Since 1993, he has been partners with Amanda Burden. Rose had a heart surgery in 2006 after falling sick while on an assignment in Syria.

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Charlie Rose – Net worth and salary

He earns $2.5 million per year and has net worth of $24 million.

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